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Believe it or not, but affordable apartment moving is absolutely possible, and there is no reason to pay a fortune on packing and transporting of furniture and other equipment.

It’s true that for an affordable apartment moving you would need to roll up your sleeves a little, but you will discover that not only the cost of the move goes down, but you will also gain a lot of organization and order which you could not gain in any other way.

One of the most scary things in the apartment moving process is actually the packing stage. Many people end up standing at the center of their apartment and realize the fact that they have a huge load of things to pack. And while packing, they even discover that they own a lot more equipment than they had realized, and that this is a great opportunity to sort some things out and clear out some space.


An affordable apartment moving can be achieved quite simply.

First of all, make a moving plan. The moving plan should include reasonable planning of time in which you have to start packing, finish packing, and, of course, evict the apartment. You will have to set the loading and transporting schedule, in accordance with the end of the packing time and the apartment eviction time. If you make an accurate and realistic time estimate and allow enough time for each task, you will spare yourself many problems that might come up.

Pay attention that the process of the move has only 4 stages: packing, loading, transporting, and unloading. In order to achieve an affordable apartment moving you will have to choose which stages you would be able to do on your own.


You could definitely do the packing stage on your own. And important tip regarding this is to issue enough time in accordance with the amount of equipment you will have to pack. Allow at least one day for each room, since you may find many things, during the task, which you will contemplate upon whether to keep or throw away, as well as various souvenirs and things you have forgotten you had.

Take your time and enjoy the packing, sort well and definitely take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of some unnecessary things. In addition, make sure to pack your belonging safely for the transportation. Fragile things must have safe wrapping, and it’s recommended to leave out a minimum amount of air pockets in each box. Furthermore, write on each box what it contains and which room it belongs to.

As for the loading, transporting, and unloading stages, it is likely you will need the services of a moving company. Of course, it depends on the total amount of the equipment you will need to transport. Keep in mind that if the distance between the two locations is relatively short and you only need to transport a small amount of equipment, you could transport the small things on your own, and only pay for the transportation of big, heavy furniture.

Final recommendation – enjoy! You are moving to a new place and are going to gain new positive energies, so take the moving period as a period of regeneration and refreshment and make the choice to enjoy the process.


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