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Apartment moving and furniture transportation is a mission that many people find quite complex and hard. Indeed, it is a complex job.

For people who move out from an apartment building, this might even be a more complex task, because loading and unloading of equipment from a building requires special methods for furniture extraction and delivering it safely to its new destination.

Furniture Disassembly & Assembly – That’s The Secret It is likely that if a sofa seems bigger than the size of your doorway, it probably is.

Professional moving companies make use of professional and specials methods, which allow them to extract big furniture from a certain apartment and deliver it to its new destination.

One of the most common methods to transporting big and heavy furniture is by disassembling furniture in an orderly fashion, by movers who know how to do this safely.

Disassembling and assembling furniture is a very safe way to transport your furniture, and in a lot of cases it is the only optional method available for the movers.

But in some cases, there is an option to lower extract the whole furniture from the old apartment and onto the truck. Sometimes it’s done through the doorway, other times through a big window via crane. The disassembled furniture is transported by the movers in its disassembled state, and get assembled with its arrival to the new apartment.

It is important that you, as the clients, direct the movers to the exact spot where you want your furniture to be assembled, so to spare yourself from moving and pushing around heavy furniture in your new apartment.

Those who want to manage the moving process on their own and save the transportation costs must take into account that the secret is disassembling and assembling furniture. It’s what every moving company does in cases where the furniture is too big, and so if you’ve chosen to move on your own, consider disassembling the furniture you’re about to transport, and assemble it in the new apartment straight at its designated position.

Furniture disassembling & assembling may result in monetary loss for those who are not familiar with the proper way to do it: make note that some furniture, mostly cheap closets and other non-durable furniture, could sometimes break while disassembling them. For this reason, you should check potential alternatives and which way is the best to go.

If you’ve decided to disassemble furniture anyway, make sure not to lose small parts and screws (you will find it quite difficult to reassemble your furniture at the new apartment otherwise). Prepare small plastic bags and some duct tape to secure those small parts on the bigger furniture parts.


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