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Create a moving plan. The fact that it’s an office move grants extra significance to planning correct schedule. Prepare yourself a moving notebook, make an organized list of all the equipment you need to transport, and issue correct time to each part of the moving task.

Correct time planning is critical for many office owners, because when it comes to an active business, you must experience some financial loss during the moving process, not to mention the difficulty to reliably serve existing customers.

In order to create a minimum of financial loss and to allow your business get back to a fluent work as soon as possible, issue reasonable times to each part of the move, and make sure not to deviate from the schedule. If you’re using a moving company, it’s recommended to include it in the moving plan creation.


Small moves of small offices can be done on your own. If you have a small amount of equipment to transport and it doesn’t include big bulky furniture, it’s possible that – financially-wise – you should choose the independent method. Of course, if it’s a big amount of equipment, it’s not recommended to do the move on your own, and you should hire the services of a professional moving company.

In order to make a reasonable decision regarding the moving method, you should try to check with yourself a few things first. Check what would be the financial loss that might be caused if you do the move on your own, and also check whether paying a professional moving company could save you that loss. Compare between the two options, in terms of the financial contribution to the business; this way, you will be able to easily make a decision.


This is one of the most common phases in which people tend to wrongly evaluate their schedule. Hence, this is also one of the phases that cause the most significant deviation in the moving schedule, and it also has high potentials of creating an unplanned financial loss.

The packing stage is a stage that takes time, so this should be taken into consideration. In most cases, you realize the amount of equipment only during the packing itself, and don’t believe there’s so much stuff the pack…

If you chose to hire professional packing services by your moving company, it’s important to give them a fairly accurate estimate on the amount of equipment. If you chose to use your workers’ help in the packing, each employee should get a certain amount of equipment which they will be responsible to pack and also to unpack in the new offices.


You could make a choice between two options even for this stage. The first option would be to use the company movers and ask them to load the packed equipment. As for the big furniture, you could make a few workers responsible for loading them. If you have a lot of baggage, you might want to consider paying a moving company to issue a team of professional carriers to load all the equipment quickly and professionally, something which will decrease the chance for the equipment to get damaged during the load, since professional carriers should be familiar with all the right ways to load equipment safely and carefully.

It’s important to pay attention to the order of the load. Load the equipment in accordance with the order you would like to unload it, this way you will have to plan the equipment that you want to unload first to be loaded last, or vice versa.


A lot of damages that are sustained during an office or apartment move, usually happen during the transportation stage.

Even when you’ve already packed everything and loaded everything with great difficulty, and you’re certain that you’ve already gone through the hard part, you might be fooled.

The form in which you place the equipment inside the truck, and plan the order of the equipment, directly affects on the chance to receive all your equipment whole. And so, if you’re using a moving company, make sure it’s professional enough in order to make sure the equipment doesn’t get damaged during transportation, make sure all the fragile items is secured during transportation, and that all the furniture is padded so that it doesn’t break or get harmed during the ride.

In addition, each moving company should have an insurance policy that will cover the worth of the transported equipment – make sure of this before you choose a moving company.


Regarding unloading, pay attention to 2 things: the safety of the equipment, and the order of the unpacking. In order to shorten the duration of the unpacking and the organization of the contents, and to ensure that everything is safely lowered into your new residence, take this seriously.

True, this is the last stage and it requires your focus and last energies in the complex process of the move, but don’t be mistaken, it’s not an easy stage.

Pay attention that all the contents are lowered in a safe manner, make sure that the cardboard boxes that contain fragile things will be placed carefully on the floor, and direct the carriers to lower each box to its designated place in the office so that you won’t have to move the boxes around for hours after the unloading. All the big furniture should be moved directly to its permanent place; don’t postpone this for later, you will find out that it’s really difficult to move around the closets and cabinets on your own. Ask the carriers to place each computer on its designated desk, and each cabinet in its designated corner.

Let each employee to unpack a few boxes, preferably the boxes they packed on their own, and preferably only the equipment that he absolutely needs in order to get back to work as quickly as possible.


This tip might be the tip that will save you a lot of money. Even while setting the office moving date; make a list contains all the services you will require in the new office.

Electricity and water connections, phone line connection, internet, installing a filtered water device, installing a coffee machine, installing all the computers, setting up the television or cable connection for the client waiting room, and other services a business would need.

Coordinate with all the companies and technicians the transfer of all the services, so that the moment you finish unpacking you will be able to get back to work. Naturally, phone lines and internet should be installed in advance, and it’s recommended to place at least one employee who will not participate in the move, in the store, so that they will be available to provide services to all the business’ clients.


This one is a double mission, mentally and operationally. Most companies report a change in employee force during the moving phase; they experience freedom and lack of order, and should be pulled back into a work routine rather creatively.

Like any other boss, you will also probably not like to witness your employee organizing her photos in her cubicle for half an hour, and cutting all kinds of calendars and various decorations, but it’s likely you will be too busy to notice and prevent this.

It’s very recommended to assemble everything for a special moving meeting, and allow each employee a certain amount of time for re-organization, and set up a specific time in which everyone pick up their phones, power up their computers and get back to fluent work mode, like nothing happened. You can probably guess how much this would mean to you economically.


It would be logical to list this as the first tip, but we placed it next to last so that you first go over the entire reading process and realize the meaning of an office move – only then will you be ready enough to understand the importance of this particular tip.

After reading the entire article, we’re assuming that you probably wouldn’t like to relocate your offices next year as well, so choose your new office wisely.

Consult your business adviser, and together go over your business plan and business growth predictions, and choose an office in accordance with those needs, while thinking ahead for the next 2-3 years. Meaning, if you plan an opening of 2 additional department next year, choose a big enough office space that will be able to contain the future departments – this is a tip that’s worth a lot of money and can save you many headaches.


Believers will say, “if you change a place, you change your luck”, and they will also tell you that if you change a place – it’s time to change your luck as well.

The main intention in this is that an office move is a great opportunity to create change in all those aspects which you’ve had problems with before, such as the setting of the management and your meetings, managing and discipline tactics in the business, and so on.

Make a general meeting for all the office employees, and take advantage of the move as a beginning of a new path, a better path, that carries new procedures for the benefit of everyone, and guide everyone in the old and new work procedures. If you take advantage of this opportunity correctly, you would be able to enjoy a significant improvement in the proceeding of your private business.



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