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For most moving companies, the small move service is not in any way profitable, and so many companies either choose not to offer such service to their clients, or price it unreasonably.

But we say: it’s possible to do this on your own. There are a lot of types of small moves that you can manage on your own. For this, we are bringing to you 3 tips for self-moving:

For people who don’t own a vehicle

Basically, apart for the transportation stage, you could very well manage to complete all the other moving-related stages on your own.

Prepare a list of equipment you will need to pack and check the final equipment amount you will need to transport. Do the packing stage on your own, use special packing materials so to keep the equipment undamaged and safe during the loading, transportation, and unloading stages. Fragile objects should be packed in a safe manner, make sure that all the corners of your furniture are padded, so to prevent damage along the way.

For the transportation stage, you have two options:

First Option: find a suitable vehicle that will be able to carry and transport the amount of equipment you have. You can search online in various search engines for such vehicles, or look for along the roads small wagons or small pickup trucks that are available for transport and are willing to transport small amounts of equipment from one place to another, for a fair and reasonable price.

Second Option (and often cheaper): consider renting a truck, and in such choose to do the transportation stage on your own as well.

For people with privately owned cars

If you’re planning to accomplish the entire moving process on your own, keep in mind that you will need to match the size of the packed equipment to the size of the transporting vehicle.

You really shouldn’t pack into very large boxes, if your car is under size.

So, first of all, match the size of the boxes and start transporting the boxes, on your own, to the new apartment. As for the larger furniture, most furniture can be taken apart and reassembled – try to disassemble them to the smallest parts possible. If they are still too big, use the roof of your car to tie the furniture onto it.

Keep in mind that all the furniture corners should be padded to prevent damage during the loading, transporting, and unloading stages.

Furthermore, tie the furniture in a safe manner, with proper ropes and straps that will secure them well during transportation.


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