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Refrigerated transport service allows many business owners, as well as individuals, transporting food products in suitable conditions, whether frozen or merely refrigerated.

Not every refrigerated truck owner is permitted to transport refrigerated food. Before selecting a mover for this job, you must make sure he is licensed to do so.

The Health Department determines specific temperatures that must be kept during transportation of various foods from place to place. It is forbidden to transport foods in different temperatures than the ones decided upon, otherwise the food will rot.

It is mandatory to equip the truck with two thermometers, one a regular thermometer and the other an indicative thermometer.


Transporting refrigerated food is a service used mostly by the business sector; food network owners, various food factories, food companies, and catering companies are its main customers. Exporters who wish to sell their food products outside the state borders also make use of this service. These target audiences hire professional food transport services, which make sure to abide by the Health Department’s regulations.


The Health Department regulations regarding refrigerated food transport are of high importance. The fact that this is commercial quantity reaching the mouths of many consumers, the importance of the manner is extremely high. Public health is at stake here, so there is no room for mistakes. The most skilled companies must be chosen for this, those who own the newest equipment, which will allow your food products to be transported properly and safely, reaching its destination fresh and edible.

Refrigerated food transport is a special service requiring special equipment. If you require such service, do not treat it lightly. Thoroughly examine the companies you’re considering hiring, and choose those who enforce the Health Department’s regulations.

No compromise must be made here; this is a public safely matter.



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